Cranio Sacral Therapy

The cranial sacral system includes the cranium, spine and sacrum, the membranes of the brain and spine, the cerebrospinal fluid and the structures producing it.

This entire system influences the neuro vegetative system, the nervous system, hormone production, muscle activity and thus provides the most vital psycho-physiological functions of the body.

The cranial wave is an intelligent form of communication, as rich in information as the pulse is for the acupuncturist.

Cranio Sacral Therapy has its origin in osteopathy and combines its precise way of diagnosing with various techniques of bodywork.

A treatment of the cranio sacral system can help with a wide variety of symptoms such as headaches and migraines, dysfunctions and pains of the spine or single vertebrae, chronic fatigue, changes in motor coordination, eye problems, depression, hyperactivity or lesions of the central nervous system; it supports and intensifies the healing process after operations or accidents, allows for insights into the deep changing processes of the female body and can correct dysfunctions of the temporo mandibular joints and teeth.
May accompany and support psychotherapy