Roots and Wings 1

Our family is the earth in which we are deep-rooted. While we do not acknowledge these roots our growing wings will be delicate. Family patterns, believes and laws have an incredible and invisible power throughout many generations and do influence our actual personal and profesional life. Discovering the family history means at the same time to discover parts of our own history and it facilitates us to free consciously bonded energies, connect with our soul, new fluidity within love and fly towards our own life.

You will construct your own genogram (genealogical tree), including the living and the dead, considering secrets, historical events, professions, illnesses, names and more.

This searching of the Roots+Wings is both: an introduction into the systemic work and as well, possible preparation for family constellation. The seminar will go along with guided meditation and the “movement of the soul”.

- If you would like to organize this seminar at you place – please contact me.

- You can book this seminar as an individual one.

written 07.02.2017 in Information.