Cranio stands for the cranio-sacral work and the craneal wave that connects us with Sophia, the inner wisdom of our bodies. Working holistically means seeing the body and the soul as One, as a unit and listening to them.

My work:
Everything that I have learned and experienced personally and profesionally (see “vita“) flows into my work and is supported by the connection of resonance and wisdom that is within each of us.
My role, as I understand it, is to accompany my clients as they go through their process, be present and see what is important at the moment and then step back.
I work since 29 years and attend the sessions in English, German and Spanish.

The offer:
More life, more heart, more consciousness, more creativity, link your thoughts with your emotions, find your way back into the flow of love, trust, communication, understand differences and accept them, discover and heal old wounds, find new solutions for old conflicts, experience yourself and others anew, see a crisis as an opportunity, unfold, enjoy to be in touch and to be a part of the whole.

To make an appointment, for more information or to clarify any questions please call me to the numbers indicated below or write to the contact-mail. Thank you for your interest.